Why Cosmydor?

You Love Beauty

You love beautiful things. You seek and find beauty everywhere; in nature, people, architecture and design. For you beauty is not an option. It's a way of life.

You Care for Nature

You do not want to destroy nature just for personal convenience. You are tired of plastic packaging and these tons of cardbox ending up in the bin. You require genuinely sustainable cosmetics.

YOu want results

You know that as long as they are highly concentrated (>30%), natural active ingredients will do the job better than any magical marketing promise coming from the mainstream brands.

You need safety

You need to be absolutely sure that using a skincare will never damage your skin or health in the short or long term. You refuse harmful substances, you need organic certified quality.

You feel special

You do not like mass market and industrial mainstream stuff. You prefer small confidential labels manufacturing quality with taste, heart and soul.

You know better

Finally, the reasons why you may choose Cosmydor are very personal. Yes: you know better.