Making a Cosmydor Organic Artisanal Luxury cream Beauty

Creating our creams takes time and attention. Same way Cosmydor worked 125 years ago...

A cream is an emulsion, or rather a blend of two immiscible liquids (an oily phase and an aqueous phase), to which an ingredient that allows the blend to emulsify and stabilise over time is added (a surfactant, an amphiphilic molecule with a hydrophilic head and a lipophilic body).

Two phases are then prepared: the aqueous phase, in which all the hydrophilic ingredients (those that have an affinity with water), such as flower waters or gums, are combined; and the oily phase, which contains all the lipophilic ingredients (with an affinity for oil), such as vegetable oils, butters or waxes. 

Once these two phases are ready (after each ingredient has been weighed), they are heated separately at a temperature of between 60 and 70°C, the temperature at which emulsification occurs. When this temperature is reached, the oily phase is poured into the aqueous phase (or vice versa depending on the formula).

The blend is then combined using a mixer until an emulsion is obtained (the blend thickens and the phases bind). 

Finally, we must wait for the temperature of the emulsion to come down to below 40°C in order to add the preservative and any essential oils; these highly volatile compounds are very sensitive to heat, which can alter them.

The cream is then ready to be packaged so that it can impart all its benefits to you.