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Know their difference for a better use

Vegetable oils (olive, borage, macadamia, sunflower and Inca inchi, among others) are fatty substances with an oily texture. They have nourishing, protective, softening and regenerative properties when applied to the skin thanks to their rich composition of different fatty acids and vitamins. They are virgin oils extracted from the plant seeds by the first cold press. They can be used in their pure form without any contraindications.

Essential oils (for example, lavender, camomile, peppermint and geranium rosat) do not have an oily texture; they are what results from extracting the essence contained in the various plant organs. They have a wide variety of properties (toning, digestive, soothing, relaxing, etc.). They are extracted from aromatic plants through the steam distillation of different parts of the plant (peel or bark, leaves, flowers, seeds) or by cold pressing in the case of citrus zests. Essential oils are not soluble in water, which is why vegetable oils are often used as a base. As they are very powerful, there are a number of precautions that should be taken when using essential oils. They are not recommended for children under 5, pregnant women or nursing mothers, nor should they be used in their pure form.